There is much more to hose testing than waiting for a coupling to blow off. We walk and inspect every foot of hose to ensure it is safe for firefighting. The following are some examples of failures we have encountered while testing.

Inner liner delamination

Coupling beginning to slip off end of hose. You may not see that if an expansion ring was not placed fully around the coupling.


You can see by the ring that this coupling was never properly attached, or had slipped back over the years.

Inner jacket failure.

Multiple blisters in LDH

Large bubble in LDH near coupling

This coupling and bleeder cap actually slipped off during testing. The coupling shot about 40' and hit a district-owned building. Luckily this happened during annual testing and not on the fireground. Proper safety procedures ensured nobody was near the coupling during test, preventing any injury.

Brand new hose right out of the box should always be tested for firefighter safety.

These couplings were not properly attached. 

This is an example of sweating through the outer jacket.  The inner liner has failed and allowed pressure to seep through the outer jacket.





We can now provide field repairs of LDH hose. No need to send hose out and wait for it to be repaired and re-tested. Upon authorization, if a length fails testing, in most cases the length can be repaired by removing the defective section and re-attaching coupling according to manufacturers specs. The hose is then retested and placed back in service immediately! We also carry new replacement couplings if needed. Contact us for more info.


Will your hard suction work when you really need it? We now provide the NFPA required dry-vacuum testing of hard suction hose. Contact us for more infomation and a free estimate.


Powerpoint presentation now available for Commissioners / Chiefs / Officers / Village Officials to show why it is beneficial to have Waterway test your hose

Call us to schedule before the testing season begins. 

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  This bed held a mile of 5" . That's a lot of hose to pack!

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